Strength has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s I read every magazine I could to learn about strength training. I received my first bench press rack at 13 years old and never stopped pursuing knowledge of strength & conditioning. Over the past decade we grew Tucson Strength from a 1000sqft studio to a 12,000+sqft facility that is a home for those looking to take their training seriously whether they are a beginner to advanced athlete.

It has long been a vision of mine to promote strength to masses, and in 2014 we began hosting many powerlifting meets in Southern Arizona and the turnout and growth of the sport has been amazing! Strength Fest has been an idea of mine for years and finally in 2020 we have the resources, facility, and most importantly the partners to pull this off. We are partnering with many local Arizona gyms and aligned businesses to come together to celebrate strength. That is the other part of this vision. Partnering with great people in the industry. I am so happy that Evolve Gym and Shark Sports have decided to Headline the event with us. I know we could not have got the ball rolling on this if it weren’t for their enthusiastic support and belief in this idea.


The businesses that we have aligned with have the highest integrity and each were hand picked to be a team to pull this event off. We want people that believe in building community and have a solid value system. This is a team effort and we are grateful for everyone that has decide to pull together to make this event happen! If you feel your vision aligns with ours please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

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