Strongman Arizona Tucson Powerlfting

Tucson Strength is teaming up with Evolve the Gym, and Sharks Sports to headline Strength Fest Arizona 2020, on October 24th! We are all excited to come together and collaborate on an amazing day. We have also added a few other Arizona based gym to our line up of sponsors which we will announce in the coming days.

Strength Fest Arizona will be a full day of USPA Powerlifting, Strongman, and USAW Weightlifting all held at Tucson Strength 6130 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson Arizona.

Strength Fest will be more than just a day of Strength events. It is a coming together of Arizona based businesses that share similar values. Many times competing businesses work against one another, and we are coming together to create something awesome for our community. Our mission is to bring people together that love the strength sports and create an experience for our athletes and attendees. Working on Strength Fest as a unified front can show what’s possible when we come together. We will be growing our sponsorship team, but everyone that joins on will share in a strong value system.

Our goal is to make Strength Fest Arizona an experience that will have everyone hoping it was more than once per year. We will highlight strength, have a fun expo, and create something special for everyone.

Here is a little on our Headline Sponsors.

Evolve Gym is owned by Pat and Kate O’Reilly. Patrick O’Reilly is a Fire Captain/Medic in the region as well as a business owner. Kate O’Reilly is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, local business owner, and founder of the original Evolve Physical Therapy. Care is their vice and strength-centered wellness is their passion.

Evolve Gym is a back-to-basics strength facility with a focus on, and appreciation for, the methods and environments of old. Evolve Gym specializes in general strength training, Strongman, powerlifting, and hard work, while welcoming any and all who are both driven and courteous. Evolve Gym is the sibling to Evolve Physical Therapy and Evolve Tactical, which comprise the premier therapy and first responder health facilities in the region. Evolve is a place where strength is paramount, kindness is requisite, and community is everything.”

Sharks Sports Fitness & Training, owned by veteran Gabe and Art Cordova. Sharks has a reputation for being a results-driven facility with top-of-the-line coaches that are passionate in Nutrition and one-on-one Personal Training. Their staff’s wide range of experience has allowed them to take their clients to new heights while showing them how to sustain their client’s progress. They also specialize in the sports of competitive bodybuilding and physique. If you’re looking for an awesome environment filled with like-minded individuals that are wanting true results, Shark Sports is for you.

Tucson Strength was founded in 2010 by Danny and Selma Sawaya. Tucson Strength has grown from 1,000sqft training studio to over a 12,000sqft strength & conditioning facility that offers 1on1 training, group training, and general use memberships. Tucson Strength specializes in Powerlifting, Kettlebell Instruction, Corrective exercise and post rehab training. They offer top of the line strength equipment ranging from powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, Obstacle Course Set up, and strongman. More than just a gym, Tucson Strength is a community that believes in helping people to achieve their goals in a supportive environment. Whether you are are a beginner needing some instruction or an athlete looking to train on your own on the best equipment they have a program for you.

We are proud to announce the following Tucson based businesses to our Sponsor line up. Tucson Sports Recovery, The Protocol Strength &Conditioning, Bion Crossfit, Stay Naked Kitchen, and Unbreakable Gear.

We will release more info on each of these companies soon in future highlight features. Thank you for your support. Please stay tuned for more announcements, partnerships, and exciting updates.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions! Thank you for your support!

Danny Sawaya, Founder- Strength Fest Arizona